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Quinceanera Pictures & Braces

By on Mar 15, 2009 in Photography | 0 comments

It is definitely a pain to worry about your braces when geting your quinceanera pictures taken. You have a couple of different options to deal with this. First and easier, you’ve got ages before the photos are actually snapped, which is plenty of time to practice smiling in a way that makes you look great, but doesn’t showcase your mouth metal. Try...

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Better Quinceanera Pictures

By on Mar 15, 2009 in Photography | 4 comments

For better quinceanera pictures, try¬† the following¬† tips : Smile like a model! (Or in Tyra-speak, “Smile with your eyes”). When you smile for the camera, or even when you’re not smiling, try to smile with your eyes. Tap into your source of joy from within (by recalling a happy moment, picturing your beloved family pet, or thinking of the most...

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