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Sweet 15 cakes – Check out these 5 cool cakes, very modern very cool cakes for your quince anos, I doubt they will serve 400 guests, but they still look great.


  1. OMG these cakes are really cool, they make me wish sooo much that i dont already have mine…Oh well se la vi

  2. I like these cakes but they wnt catch my guests eyes but they look yummy

  3. hi

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  5. these cakes are wack

  6. dice el martin que ustedes valen pa pura verga…ok…bye

  7. i luv these cakes quiero mis quince yaaaaaaaaa

  8. OMG eesttaann naaqqaass ttooddaasss laaass q qoomeennttaaroon mmeenooss laaass mmaammoonnaass13 hahah quiiideennsee ii uusseenn prroootteecciiooonn hahahha

  9. peerrass maalldiittass vaayyaannssee aaa llaambbeerrllaa hahah

  10. no me gustan no son muy original

  11. ohh my god… i love the last cake but only if they had it in pink :)

  12. Omg i hope i get one of these cakes in blue or green the good thing is that i have time to pick out everything! yay for my quice girls!

  13. dam those cakes look mmmmmmmm

  14. these cakes r so nice i wish i was 15 already

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!these cakes i love them i want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. estan lindos qquuuue rico se ven

  17. !OMG! this are some woundful cakes that people make and i want to know if i can get a cake made for a sweet 15 birthday prity!!!!!

  18. des cakes r amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  20. wow cool cakes but not that awsome

  21. what is the price!! common u guys publish pictures of beautiful cakes and dont give the price how are you ganna get people to buy them!

  22. wow. thos cakes are koul. lol cant wait for my quinceanera. i luv thos cakes

  23. Nicee’(;

  24. a three layer cake is better then ever

  25. my sweet 15 teen is in 4 years but i have to get the hall and everything before hand ommmmgggggg i cant WAIT!!!!

  26. waitt no 3 years even better

  27. menn…………………. those are awesome cakes mine is this year but is a hard decision to choos things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  28. how da fuck do u c da cakes???

  29. Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.

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  36. that is not kwl

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