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Que es quinceanera favors?

By on Mar 27, 2009 in Favors | 25 comments

No es un favor que se le hace a una quinceanera!!  He, he, he.   Estos son los famosos recuerditos que te regalan cuando vas a una fiesta de quinceañera. Es una de esas palabras  que viene de la industria de las bodas en estados unidos. Me parece que este recuerdito en particular viene de nuestro patrocidador. Puedes visitarlos haciendo click en to banner de la...

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Free Quinceanera Invitations

By on Mar 26, 2009 in contests, Invitations | 24 comments

Win 100 photo quinceanera invitations when you sign up and participate at the forums.  We will choose the winner from the registered members of the forums.  Remember the more you create comments and messages, the more chances you have to win the invitations. You can talk about anything! Your dress, invitations, hairstyles, chambelanes. We will choose...

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Quinceanera Invitations con tu Caricatura

By on Mar 26, 2009 in Invitations | 1 comment

Would you like to have your own caricature in your quinceanera invitation? This very cool web site lets your create your own invitations all online. We tested the site and this is what we found out for you. Online Tools The process was fast, you can personalize hair, eyes, lips, hair accessories for your caricature. You can save your model or caricature and then can...

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Quinceanera Pictures Tricks

By on Mar 17, 2009 in Photography | 3 comments

The above quinceanera pictures are the final result after a little image editing.  The original quinceanera photo was not bad but it was one of my favorite poses to do this cool effect. The tool that you have to use is of course the eraser in any image editing program. The trick is to erase around the picture manually and very carefully, some times this process...

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Quinceanera Updo Hairstyle

By on Mar 15, 2009 in Hairstyles | 2 comments

QUINCEANERA UPDO HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle works well on longer hair that is about shoulder blade length that has long layers and of course bangs. Suitable for: Face shape: oval, square, diamond, round Hair texture: fine, medium, course Hair density: average to thick Styling: Time: 15-20 minutes Techniques: flat iron (smoothing iron), bobby pins, covered ponytail...

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