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What’s your quinceanera theme ?  Here are some theme ideas:

Sleeping Beauty
Winter Wonderland

Beauty and the Beast
Moulin Rouge
Las Vegas

Little Mermaid

Sun Flowers
Viva Mexico!
Sun Flowers
Under the Sea
Wishes Comin’ True

Moons and Stars
Romeo and Juliet
Wizard of Oz
Snow White
Precious Moments


Teddy Bears
Rich Girl
Tinker Bell
Arabian Nights
Shining Under the Stars

Mardi Gras
Black and White Party

This week we’re attending a quinceanera where the theme is cherries.  So basically anything goes with themes.  You can base your theme on your favors, invitations, table decorations, centerpieces or just a theme color. What  quinceanera theme do you think would be cool if had no money restrictions?


  1. i would like some decorations tips to decorate with stars

  2. ithink hearts r more cute nd specialy if there red datz how ma quinces decorationz where nd where red nd looked zo nice

  3. hey what does the Brazilian theme look like

  4. ocupo consejos para quinceñeras de carnaval

  5. Hey… i need tips on a candy theme !!!

  6. I want tips for a Tinkerbell theme


  8. what theme would u recomend if you were on a budget?

  9. im doing an under the sea theme for my quince ive got it all pretty much planned out but i need more ideas helpp!?

  10. i’d like some ideas too :)
    i wanna do something like a mascarade or a glow in the dark theme

  11. i would like to decorate my 15 in a fairie way

  12. Umm, my mom and i are doing a theme that we think no one will think of, and we want to do dragonfly’s as table center pices, but here is the thing, we dont know what to do for it! we tried lanters as the body but that didnt work, and now were are thinking of just wire that will bend in a rotating form and stay in place with wings and a head and a tea light in the middle, but i dont realy know how that is gonna work, does any one have any ideas?

  13. im planning my 15 but i need a really good idea something exciting that no one has done but i have no idea what! T.T
    someone please be kind enough to tell me!

  14. What are some great but cheap give aways for Butterflies?

  15. I need help with ma theme.
    My theme is going to be stars |&| im going to have stars around my dress but I need α lil more help.

  16. ii wantt an idea on a princess theme status :D

  17. my 15 is kuming up in november 27th n i really need help on a theme in november…actually a good kolor. please help

  18. Myy Themee Is Gonna Be; “Pretty In Pink” -& iNeed Somee Decoration Tips. Anyonee Got Somee Ideas?

  19. i need help i am planning my quince and i would like it like old times. with my damas de honor sing umbrellass. like amor real something like that. but i cant find anything of it. plis help me

  20. i am doing my quince as amor real theme but cant find any stuff plis help

  21. I’m 14. I’m planning my IV anos. I would like to do the Precious Moments theme but what does it look like?

  22. i would like my theme to be angels any ideas ? in club,tables center decorations

  23. i need a theme that goes nice with baby blue and silver and white. and it has to do with precious moments

  24. im a girl who wants a non-traditional quinceanera. my theme is rock and roll. kinda more punk rock. so i really dont know want to do..

  25. mines would be butterflies and its gunna be mah theme in 4 months

  26. Is there anything for a Dark Creature them/ Neon theam? im have my quince next year around october and i still haven found a theme

  27. im going to do night under the stars theme and i need some ideas the colors are royal blue,silver, and white(:

  28. I want to do anight under the stars theme and i have a little planned out , do u think i shud hav a turquoise and black dress?

  29. my quince is coming up and i want the theme to be green and blue, but cant find anything that goes together

  30. Well My Quince Is Coming Up , & I Was Thinking To Make a Glow In The Dark Theme, With Neon Colors. But I Really Dont Know Where I Can Get A 15 Dress That Glows In Dark , & That Is Neon Color. And Then I Wanna Do a Theme & My Friend Or Cousin Stold, So I REALLLY Need Help. Please (:

  31. i wanted to do a precious moments theme, and it would be like each tabled as pictures of me at different ages. like table 1 would be me as a newborn up to age 2, table 2 would be me from 3-5, these are just examples. but i don’t know any good decorations for that kind of thing. since it’s about precious moments, does that mean i can pretty do whatever colors are my favorite and just work with i like, or is there a specific kind of way to do a precious moments theme? i could use some ideas :)

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