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This Quinceanera song is titled – Vals de las Mariposas.  Often used for quinceanera dances, specially the traditional walts/vals. Check back for more quinceanera songs and more traditional quinceanera music.


  1. I am comming out in my friend’s 15 and we are dancing to this song. This song is really nice. This song is also really nice to dance with your father.

  2. esta cansion es muy bonita para una quinceanera MEXICANA

  3. jajajaja nice cute stuff in there

  4. hermiinia ramirez. is having her quincenera in a year she wants hot guyss with no shirths to dance with her and to merengue and she is going to have a princess theme with live elephents and cacaroches in her party shes also going to have giraffs eating bananas and some palmtress with aplles hanging. shes going to have a pool in the midlle of her party so drunk people will fall and die. she is going to have a blak dress and she is going to dye her hair purple.with allot og glitter.

  5. hermiinia ramirez no one gives a fuck and cockaroches and any ways yall dont meed to pay for the cockaroches because there at ur effin houe so fuck u and ur whole efffin family

  6. i was in my friend’s sister “LILIANA”quince and we dance to this song . am also going to dance this song with my dad at my quince.

  7. i luv this s0ng it such a good song i want it f0r my quince

  8. Awsome sonq but ii found a better version of iit xD

  9. i love this song, i’ve always picture one of my daughters dancing this song with thier father….hmmm but i guess not i don’t think they would like…..or when they dance with thier padrino, but i’m pretty sure they won’t want to do that either….. well that’s me mom in my own little world….which ever song they get it’s going to be awsome..:)

  10. yo voy a bailar este vals con mis padrinos!=o

  11. me encanta esta cansion k si por mi fuera la oyaria siempre

  12. im having my 15 in july nd i need some help of things to get and ideas so if anyone can help i would be thankful

  13. mis 15 es en in ano and i dnt no wat vals or surprise dance to do im kinda starting to worry!:(

  14. I need some suggestions for songs to dance @ my quinces. This song is one of them tht i will dance too.

  15. querida flor so quiero decirte que suerte porque eso que tu dices se mira como que solo darien ecxiste para ti espero que no sufras por el suerte nina y que dios los dendiga

    las letras como tu lo dices se mira como que lo amas y si lo amas pienso … bye cuidate y suerte

  16. solo lo unico que quiero decir es que el amor que yo e cono si do es darien y lo amo y quisiera decir cuanto lo amo

  17. Ima dancee this song in august with my court its gannaa bee amaaaazeeen:)

  18. i think it a good song…. my quince is in october nd i still dnt know wat ima dance to… ugh..

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