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I was reading a post on how to do your own invitations but the software they were suggesting was  $800.00 dollars.   So with that in mind our goal here at is to come up with some template for your own quinceanera invitations but with a software everybody has.  Our recomendation for software is Microsoft Works Word Processor. Why?  Because every new pc has that program and it works with text boxes. Text boxes are the key to better design your invitation.  It is not perfect, but it works.  This example is very simple and you can download it here:  Quinceanera Invitations

Here is what i did:

1. Created a regular document or letter 8.5×11 inches

2. Click on the main top menu option: Insert>Text Box

3. Drag each box to its position

4. Write some text on each box

If you have used word or any other word processor program then you know what to do, if not, then this is how you can make changes to the invitation.

To make changes to any text on your quinceanera invitation, just highlight that text and type your new text, that simple. You can also change the type of font or lettering, just highlight whatever text you want to change then go to your top left and select another font.  Also you can select to boxt text on your invitation and then select your fav font.

You can also play around with the font color, and font size.  The normal font size in any document is 12.  For you name and headings this is usually bigger but for general text 12 will do. This quinceanera invitation is very simple but all you have to do is move around the text boxes to modify it.

How to add a simple border to your invitation:

If you want to add a simple border to your invitation all you have to do is select: Format>Borders and Shading>

Apply to: Page

Border Art: Select Your Own Here

I have not tried to add a picture to this invitation, but I let you try it yourselft and then leave us comment.

Don’t forget to visit the Quinceanera Invitations section for more quinceanera invitation related tips.

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  1. Hey, kliler job on that one you guys!

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