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Ok, if you have received a quinceanera invitation and in it it says, LLuvia de Sobres. This means that they prefer money instead of presents. I think this idea comes from south america but we’re not sure. Some people like the idea but others don’t. So what do you think, leave your comment below.


  1. literally it means rain of envelopes, but means ” give me envelopes with money, not presents”

  2. i waxt lluvia d3 Sobr3S for my quixc3

  3. I’m Going To Have “Lluvia De Sobres” For My Quince.! (:

  4. Do you have questions? Well
    I will be happy to answer them!
    Just let me know what question do you have so I can answer them. lluvia de sobres means that you want money instead of presents.

  5. yo creo que ellos inventaron estas cosas ellos INVENTAN
    sus putadas! llo no quiero que mi HIJA tenga eso es mejor ropa
    x que quetal si te dan de $1
    esto son puras mamadas!
    no ay algo mejor mi hija va
    atener sus quince en Noviembre

  6. I think lluvia de sobres is tacky, people should be able to give you what they want. It seems needy… I wouldnt do it!!

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